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the focus is silken: what it wants from you, and how to get what you want from it


making yarn from scratch


describes in detail how to make yarns of many kinds from thick soft ones to fine gossamer, from simple to fancy fashion.


if you dye your own handspun yarn for knitting or crocheting, or would like to learn how, this book is essential.presents in-depth discussions and step-by-step photographed demonstartions of immersion dyeing, painting rovings, blending coloursand fibres, and spinning and plying multi-coloured preparations.


here is a book for hand-spinners who aspire to a high standard of professional excellence in their work. rediscovers many of the old methods and applies modern technological principles to the forgotten trade of woolcombing. how to make the tools, how to prepare, dye and blend the fibre, and finally how to spin a worsted yarn of controlled quality and specification