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the perfect introduction to blackwork embroidery. 48 patterns clearly explained with step-by-step working diagrams. 16 designs with easy-to-read charts and colour photographs. original project ideas for making up your finished stitching.


creative cordmaking. exploring simple yet effective techniques that require little or no equipment. new ideas for the simple twisted cord. ideal for any textile enthusiast who wishes to create complementary embellishments.


the classic reference work for all needleworkers. covers all major types of stitchery and their techniques, tools, and materials. over 1400 detailed illustrations show every basic stitch and knot and its variations. includes bargello, crewel, crochet, embroidery, knitting, macrame, needlepoint, rugmaking, sewing and tatting.


textiles of flores and the solor islands in indonesia. includes chapters on the history and culture of this part of indonesia, the role played by their textiles, textile technology and surveys of the different regencies.


explore every aspect of this versatile fibre art from choosing using and designing rugs with yarn, to advice on finishing and cleaning your project. complete and detailed step-by-step directions.80 full-colour images of rugs, processes and how-to photographs.


explains colour theory and helps you take the guesswork out of colour planning your rug. information on characteristics, classification and composition of colour. in-depth study of colour harmonies - monochromatic, complimentary and analogous.colour planning from wheel to wool. close-up shots that show colour detail.


to the mighty and most illustrious prince george of great britain, france and ireland, king, defender of the faith, and pater patriae the patron of liberty, and promoter of arts: this treatise is dedicated by his majesty's most obedient, and most humbly devoted subject and servant, henry barham.


from military braids to mouse traps, antique to modern and hand-made to industrial: how centuries of skill have turned a piece of string into a work of art. many close-up photos of techniques and results.


meet the shaker communities of the past, see their handiwork, be introduced to the traditional tools and techniques used to make these magnificent baskets. more than 300 clear step-by-step photos.


22 designs are included in this book,sing all the main decorative methods. making the base ball, laying the guiding threads, temari stitches and decorative methods, tables of division angles and possible patterns, adding tassles and temari knots.


70 originalesigns. introduction to materialsand techniques, only one simple embroidery stitch is needed.


explores the use of bombyx silk tops and silk throwster waste as mediums for fibre art. detailed instructions for working with different types of silk fibre and full descriptions enabling the creation of hangings, motifs and moulded shapes, including bowls, vases, and masks.


16 techniques for knitiing and crocheting with beads. 13 knitting projects. 10 crochet projects. methods for mixing techniques.


more than 20 hip projects including bohemian coat sweater, mohair hat, retro bed slippers, block-on-block skirt, easy pullover sweater, striped mittens. cool home decor accessories such as pillows, athrow, and baskets.suitable for beginner to advanced crocheters. everything you need to easily modify the patterns for fit, yarns and finishes.


200 beautiful block dsigns for blankets, throws and afghans. discover new ways to combine colour, pattern and texture. learns differnet ways to join the blocks to make items that are both functional and decorative.


cute sheep-shaped story book for your children or grandchildren


a chronological survey of textiles around the world from prehistory to present. how they are made, what they are made from, how they function in society and how they are valued and given meaning.


illustrated with over 150 photographs, 70 charts and 65 illustrations, this is an ideal gateway for any textile worker, from weavers to embroiderers, wishing to incorporate this ancient and beautiful style of braiding into their work


a superb collection of designs for wall hangings inspired by art and tapestry. jousting knights, wandring minstrels, hunting scenes, celtic birds and knots, an elizabethan panel, tudor garden themes all simplified for 22 or 24 count canvas


a guide to silk paper for the crative fibre artist


the right findings and finishings transform humdrum jewelry into stunning one-of-a-kind accessories


detailed instructions for how to use beading, applique, trims and threadwork to enhance your garments


proven method for making beautifully executed needlepoint tapestries on both monofil and penelope canvas


complete step-by-step instructions for making a variety of nantucket styles


how to create a wonderful selection of beautiful, original papers using silk fibres

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