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a distinctive gallery of over 85 beautiful and useful tatted items - mats, bookmarks, edgings, collars, crowns, medallions and more - all ideal for testing and developing the skills of both intermediate and advanced tatters.


a further development of traditional tatting, with endless possibilities for shapes and colours. offers uncountable ideas for your own creativity and can be learned in a playful way


the motifs in this book can be joined vertically, horizontally, diagonally or in a circle to form almost any shape you like


these patterns are representative of one of the richest periods of lace knitting and include garments, bags, purses, lampshades, gloves, stockings, centrepieces, doilies and edgings as well as a variety of innovative stitches.


a valuable resource for beginners and advanced tatters. projects include elaborate edgings, doilies, wax catchers, collars and bridal accessories.


how to finish any fibre project with style and panache


a collection of filigree luxuries with an extensive section on technique