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33 projects from simple to sublime - scarves, hats, capes and footwear.


25 wonderful projects to warm and comfort children from newborns to 3-year olds: kitten and puppy sweaters, starlight blanket, play cubes, party flags, head honcho poncho, 1-2-3 sweater, my first teddy, darling dolly, my own puppet theatre.


these 30 stylish projects to knit and felt will expand your knitting skills. make a colourful eyeglass case from a simple rectangle, combine delting with traditional knitting on a warm sweater jacket, add a touch of embroidery to give a scarf a special touch, and more


a delightful collection of children's sweaters, cardigans, hats, scarves, and knapsacks. each garment combines the handcrafted detail and practical wearability that gives each little badger design its charm; combines updated traditional knitting techniques with a modern colour palette.


tangled reflections on the knitter's life will keep you in stitches and unravel your tensions for many warm and woolly moments to come


beautiful bags and accessories based on andean knitting traditions. work with the classic motifs and bright colours of the andean nations to knit 35 exceptional projects. become familiar with the fascinating cultural context, creativity, stories and spirit of the andean people.


how to successfully plan and create beautiful knitted garments that will complement your wardrobe and lifestyle. offers simple methods for planning the sweater of your dreams without starting from scratch. plus a variety of original stitch patterns.


whether you're travelling on the bus, waiting for an appointment, or taking a lunch break, these lovely, portable knitting projects are just what you need to happily pass the time.


dress it up, dress it down - do it all with the knitted tee. start with a basic tee, then move on to eye-catching edgings and touchable textures. choose from 5 constuction techniques and 20 eas-to-wear styles, all fun to knit and fast to finish.


gorgeous handknits for new babies, in soft yarns that are gentle against delicate skin. classic items with luxurious trimmings and simpledesigns in soft cashmere.


a universal pattern for sock knitiing. an interchangeable heel/toe, a cast-on that works equally well from cuff-to-toe or toe-to-cuff, and a finish that requires only one method.


41 projects, mostly simple, all surprising - beds for felines, bags, bowls and baskets for you - cozies for your needles and more.


many knitters consider the designs in elizabeth zimmereman's newsletters to be timeless: from her first fair isle issue in 1958 to the now classic baby surprise jacket in 1968. long time fans will welcome these old friends and new knitters may discover the freedom and creativity that elizabeth's patterns encourage.


the linen look


why buy the same store-bought garments other babies are wearing when you can make adorable knitwear that's uniquely your own. these projects are exceptional for their stylish good looks and charming detail.


the varied patterns and colorways now available in self-striping yarns let you make complicated looking projects using only basic knitting.




sized for children and adults. based on a system: 2 bands + 5 tops + colour + texture = endless possibilities


nine "silky tweed" designs, six in "silky wool", and one in angora, ranging from basic elegance to intriguing surface patterns and garment shapes.


13 designs using designer's choice angora, and one using silky wool


make fresh and exciting knitted designs highlighted with distinctive beadwork. featuring a kaleidoscope of colours and textures, these projects go beyond the typical purses and bags knit with small threads or eveningwear with bead embroidery, and include sweaters, scarves, hats and gloves that are stylish and chic and can be worn every day.


second edition. a collection of socks designed to be seen, emphasizing heels (which show prominently in sandals and clogs). includes free-sole socks - a new technique which allows the sole to be made with a more durable yarn than the upper, and which allows the sole to be detached and replaced.


adorable sweaters, breezy summer tops, jazzy jumpers, delightful shorts, cozy hats, fun coats, baby toys, child's bathrobe and slippers, jackets, animal backpack, comfy mittens, kid's afghans, colourful rompers, interesting vests, baby blankets and cuddly animals


25 irresistible knits for children from 6 months to 4 years old. from polka dot bootees to chunky sweaters, floral jackets and even a fairy dress. yarns range from coolottons to cozy wools.


1000 charted motifs. traditional styles from western europe and the middle east, new classics from the usa and around the world. you will easily learn how to add a personal flair to all your knitting projects and give handmade gifts a special touch.


let the vibrant colours and rich textures of han-dyed yarns guide you on your next knitting adventure. instantly give a designer look to pullovers, cardigans, vests and more. 20 stunning projects


16 techniques fro knitting and crocheting with beads. 13 knitting projects. 10 crochet projects. methods for mixing techniques.


nineteen fun, simple-to-follow patterns make it easy for even first-time knitters to create beautiful stockings for the entire family, plus knit and felt ornaments for the tree.


presents ideas for making fabrics and garments from modules. they can be knitted as presented, but you can also personalize them in any colour, stitch or texture. from there you can design your own combinations - one square, one triangle or one strip at a time


the six most popular sweater constructions (drop shoulder, modified drop shoulder, set-in sleeve, saddle shoulder, raglan, seamless yoke) are presented with easy-to-follow charted instructions.


this leaflet contains specific yarn requirements for eight of the most popular knitted items - mittens, gloves, socks, scarves, tams, hats, sweaters, vests; all for a wide range of sizes and yarn gauges.


beautiful examples of age-old, traditional shetland knitting side-by-side with highly contemporary knitting projects. each project includes instructions that are carefully written and charted.



20 great knitted and felted bags. from small sleek handbags to roomy totes these quick knitted and felted designs rank high on style and simplicity.


try any kind of yarn, use any size needles - you can't go wrong with this onventive, easy approach to knitted lace. even the simplest project becomes a work of art when you use the unlimited colours and textures of hand-painted yarns.



a knitter's dozen? handbags, totes, packs, pouches, purses, and pocketbooks. 21 patterns, hundreds of possibilities.


only basic knitting skills are needed to make the twelve adorable bears and myriad outfits found in this colourful collecction.


the author explains the distinctive origins of this craft, its various types and techniques in this classic guide: the regional styles of norway, sweden, denmark, the faroes and iceland.


choose from more than 550 knitting patterns that are perfect for a wealth of projects. this is the big book you can't be without: areference guide as useful as needles and yarn



ribs, ruffles, lace, fringes, flora, points and picots; the essential collection of 350 decorative borders


prominent and up-and-coming knitwear designers reinvent this most basic of garments. expect to be surprised by this collection of 31 elegant, whimsical and ingenious scarves


transform simple shapes into colour-splashed fashion statements with a simple "modular" method that even beginners can quickly catch on to.


each 5 1/4" x 8 1/4" laminated project card features a colour photo, size and materials information, step-by-step instructions and a schematic drawing. 20 sweater patterns are easy enough for any confident beginner. pullovers, tunics, shells, tees and cardigans


each 5 1/4" x 8 1/4" laminated project card features a colour photo, size and materials information, step-by-step instructions and a schematic drawing. 20 traditional to trendy, easy to advanced projects for women and men


anne-maj has explored and developed two-end knitting (twined knitting) to achieve exciting new designs and refinements.


101 original stitch designs plus: theory, techniques, design tips, borders and much more


a collection of memorable designs to suit everybody, every occasion and every season, from beginner to advanced


with this new knitting technique, you can create beautiful felted accessories. wool yarn, simple stitches, and large needles guarantee quick success for knitters of all levels


all-over patterns, edgings and trimmings, motifs, irish style crochet


basic stitches, lace patterns, motifs, filet, clusters, shells, bobbles, loops


diamonds, cables, twists, honeycombs, textures, panels, backgrounds


slip stitch mosaics, cross stitch patterns and panels, cable panels


patterns for texture and colour, cable patterns and panels, lace panels


knit and purl patterns, rib patterns, basic cables, edging patterns


all you need to know about hand knitting


a family collection of sweaters and accessories designed especially for B&L pure wool


stories from sheep to shawl ..... and more writing about knitting


sweaters and their stories ...... and other writing about knitting


tips, techniques and strategies to help you reach your full potential in the knitter's craft


shadow knitting alternates rows of light and dark yarn to produce a subtle undulating patterning that appears and disappears depending on the viewing angle. this book includes basic principles, clear, well-illustrated instructions, followed by an imaginative range of garments and accessories.


knits inspired by nature. capture the romance of a springtime garden in every stitch you take


25 knitted projects using natural fibres - silk, cashmere, linen, cotton, hemp.


16 styles for men and women - versatile designs for any season and every occasion


over 190 creative knitwear designs


30 classic projects, favourite designs from the archives of knitter's magazine


thirty knitting designs from rowan fro men and women


accurate, thoroughly tested patterns that offer a range of knitting experiences for every level of knitter


15 projects that fit babies and children up to age 3


six exceptional sock patterns for printed yarns


working around on one needle


21 handknitting designs in pure shetland wook


more than 20 original designs for men and boys


30 traditional designs based on folk bags or folk art from around the world


a basics-and-beyond book for knitters at all levels includes 25 go-for-it projects


the art of shrinking your knitting


30 original machine-knittingdesigns for sizes 2 to 48


detailed instructions for 12 breathtaking designs in either hand- or machine- knitting


20 original patterns featuring harrisville designs yarns


15 easy-to-follow patterns


15 projects from jaunty caps to stylish socks and booties


step-by-step instructions for more than 20 original projects


practical advice, projects to transform your knitting from hobby to art


shows how any circular-method knitting technique can yield the popular fair isle patterns


packed with patterns for little bootees and snuggly socks for newborn to nine months


the complete guide to finishing stitches for hand-knitters


an in-depth study of knitting and designing lacework garments and eyelet stitch patterns


this instructive guide is for the everyday and expert knitter, presenting the craft of Shetland lace knitting in a clearly understandable form. explanations of technique, how to develop patterns, comprehensive projects section.


a compendium of clever and crfdeative techniques for solving common hand knitting, machine knitting and crocheting prblems, from choosing yarn to blocking and assembling a garment. knitter and crocheters of all skill levels will find more than one solution to every problem.

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