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a detailed analysis of felt, wool and all its characteristics. different techniques of feltmaking for all purposes and uses. useful set of graphs analysing the relationship between types of wool from various breeds.


turn ordinary wool into great felted hats with style and flair. create jaunty fun hats that are infinitely varied in form colour and pattern. 15 spectacular hand-sculpted projects.


these 30 stylish projects to knit and felt will expand your knitting skills.make a colourful eyeglass case from a simple rectangle, combine felting with traditional knitting on a warm sweater jacket, add a touch of embroidery to give a scarf a special touch, and more.


how to use the felting needle to create faces. by combning the sculptural possibilities of the felting needle with traditional felting you can add faces to any of your favourite felt forms.


making felt from old knittedfabrics, raw wool and other fibres. felting by hand or washing machine. creating flat fabrics and sculptural shapes.inlaying fibres for color and texture effects. easy step-by-step instructions.


with this new knitting technique, you can create beautiful felted accessories. wool yarn, simple stitches, and large needles guarantee quick success for knitters of all levels


the art of shrinking your knitting


packed with details, ideas and recently emerged techniques


techniques and design


making hollow forms


advanced feltmaking techniques

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