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easy-to-follow instructions

use everyday utensils - no special equipment

create a range of clour-coordinated or graduated fabrics suitable for patchwork

make stunnuing tablecloth and napkin sets

simple techniques for dyeing threads

sound advice for dyeing with children

tips on record keeping and storage


demystifies hand-dyed yarns by providing straightforward how-to information and encouraging knitters to trust their own creative instincts.


shibori is an ancient japanese resist dyeing technique. this book demonstrates karren brito's rendition of american shibori, how to formulate colours, create a variety of resists and set texture. provides a thorough understanding of each step in the shibori process and the information needed to execute original designs.


extensive information to bring the techniques, plants and lore of mnatural dyeing within every reader's reach. science, history and practical aspects of dyeing. disecussions of colour theory, dye equipment, dye processes, mordants, and easy-to-follow instructions for processing plants and dyeing fabrics.the core of the book is an exhaustive reference to the hundreds of colours that can be obtained from 158 commonly encountered north american plant species. includes a practical botanical field guide to help locate and identify each plant.


this inspirational hands-on book shows how even the inexperienced crafter can dye yarn using simple techniquesand basic household equipment, and create unique and charming accessories. rainbow dyeing is the main technique used, but spraying,resist,yarn painting and overdyeing are also covered, and the reader is encouraged to experiment freely with colour.


create self-patterning yarns like the pros. easy, inexpensive and fun ways to dye your own self-patterning yarns. selecting yarns and equipment, wrappin g and tying skeinsand balls for dyeing. painting and dyeing yarns. knitting quick and simple garments that show off your marvellous yarns.


a guide to dyeing yarn, fleece, prepared fibres,silk scarves and painted warps. directions for mixing dye, immersion dyeing, and applying the dye directly to the fibre.


the essential tool for dyeing natural or synthetic fibres, fabrics, or yarns.

contains a wealth of information on equipment and supplies, types of dyes, preparation, safety, measurements, recipes and procedures, disposal methods, record keeping.


a clear account of 48 plants from around the world from which natural dyes can be obtained


how you can keep the beautiful colours of your summer garden with you all year long in the form of vibrant dyes for natural fibres